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Historic moment in the Jamaica Cricket Umpires Association

Jamaican Cricket Umpires started Umpiring after a long lockdown with the Covid 19. Historic moment in the Jamaica Cricket Umpires Association Western Zone. Father Osmond Burke to the right of screen and son Owen Burke to the left.
They both officiated together in the "Social Development" Cricket Competition.
Venue: Herbert Morrison Ground.

Town: Montego Bay,

Parish St. James.

Country: Jamaica

Date: June 13th 2021.



Season's Greetings - Year End Update


Dear Fellow Umpires,


We have come to the end of quite a tumultuous, turbulent and earth shattering year. The year 2020 has upended the entire world. It has brought about the single most devastating pandemic seen over the last one hundred years, the Corona Virus. This virus has destroyed economic activities, social activities and sporting activities worldwide. Major world sporting activities such as the Olympic games that have never been postponed since world war two, major football leagues worldwide, the NBA, other North American sports, and most tellingly, cricket have all been seriously affected by this pandemic.


Towards the end of the year some of these sporting engagements have restarted, albeit without spectators, the players in a bubble environment, and with the adherence to the Covid-19 restrictions. This has certainly been some strange occurrence, but with the advent of the vaccine, there is hope in the New Year by at least the summer for some kind of normalcy to return.


With respect to umpiring opportunities in the West Indies, this has been non existent or very limited. We have had only limited major tournaments since March. The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and a couple of tournaments in St. Vincent have been the only major cricketing activity that has taken place. All major local cricket competitions have either been postponed or cancelled during 2020. It has therefore not been a good year for cricket umpiring. 


The WICUA through its training committee and in conjunction with the respective territories have been engaged in training seminars with the membership by way of Zoom and WhatsApp to keep the members on the cutting edge of the Laws of cricket and the playing conditions. Unfortunately the WICUA has had to postpone the 2020 WICUA examinations until 2021 and hoped that these training opportunities will go a long way in equipping the umpires for those exams. The WICUA has asked the training committee to ensure that the respective territories continue to carry out their training programs to be prepared for those exams.


In addition to the postponement of the 2020 examinations, the WICUA has also postponed the 2021 Bi-ennial convention scheduled for the Cayman Islands until 2022. This has already been explained in a previous communique so please continue your planning to attend this convention in 2022. We will again start the planning process in the New Year.


The WICUA throughout 2020 has had several meetings with the CWI and the CPL in having critical discussions on matters pertaining to our umpires. With regards to CWI, discussions were held around contractual arrangements for the Senior Panel in light of the Corona Virus pandemic. Due to the CWI 's reduction in revenue due to non cricket activity prior to their tours of England and New Zealand, there was a reduction in salaries for workers and contractors since July. This also impacted our umpires, but the discussions were quite cordial and the final decisions were satisfactory to all parties. The senior umpires also participated in some of these discussions.


Since October, the WICUA and the CWI have been having several bilateral meetings with respect to contract arrangements going forward in 2021, the engagement of the North American Umpire on the 'B' Panel based on the Board's decision that this umpire should pay airfare and accommodation, and the establishing of a MOU with ICC Americas. These discussions will be continuing in the New Year as we seek to broaden our horizon as a major partner with ICC Americas to coordinate cricket umpiring in the Caribbean, North, Central and South America.


Notwithstanding this, The USA is embarking upon a new cricket and umpiring organization that will have implications for their relations with WICUA. The WICUA is still in the process of understanding their final approach and how their current Umpiring Association will be impacted. The initial information indicates that they are planning to develop their own umpiring authority, setting their own final exams and evaluation programs with a view to seek full membership in the ICC sometime in the near future. We will definitely keep you informed as these developments unfold.


So, as the year comes to an end, please know that we are grateful to God that we are still alive. Although this has been a destructive year in all facets, there is hope on the horizon. There is hope that we can share with our families; there is hope that there are vaccines on the way; there is hope that we have a fraternity of umpires that we can have dialogue with and relate to; there is hope that the Cricket Board (CWI) is planning a series of regional cricket competitions and also a number of international tours for 2021. These are the hopes that are here and around the corner. Please continue to have faith. Therefore, on behalf of the entire WICUA community, I want to wish you and your respective families a safe and happy rest of the year and all the best for the new year.


Best regards,


Vivian Johnson




 Death of Johnny Gayle


This is a difficult day for us all. I would like to inform you of the passing of legendary, longstanding Jamaica and West Indies umpiring giant Mr. Johnny Gayle. Mr. Gayle died this morning after a short illness.

Johnny served the cricket umpiring fraternity in the West Indies for over sixty years. He served in many capacities including Honorary Secretary and President of the Jamaica Cricket Umpires' Association, Honorary Secretary of the WICUA for approximately twenty years and WICUA representative on the WICB (CWI) Umpires Subcommittee during that time. 

Johnny was also a regional first class umpire and attained the lofty status as a Test umpire during the 1970s and 1980s. He was a revered figure in the West Indies and was an instructor on the Laws of cricket examination assessor for most of his career.He was honoured by the WICUA as one of its regional giants at its 50th anniversary celebrations during the  bi-ennial convention in Trinidad & Tobago in 2013. Johnny was also honoured by the Jamaican Government with the Order of Distinction for his contribution to cricket umpiring in the West Indies.

The entire West Indies is saddened today and we're definitely poorer with the loss of this overarching figure of a man that had transcended the sport that we so dearly love. The bible states that " The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh," therefore we were prepared for this day. May his soul rest in peace and light perpetually shines on his soul.

More information on funeral arrangements will be released at a later date.


Vivian Johnson


Jamaica Cricket Umpires Annual Retreat at Holiday Inn in Montego Bay


Jamaica Cricket Umpires Annual Retreat at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Montego Bay. Jamaica. Lecturer Dr. Carl Bruce. Subject " Concussion" 80 umpires in attendance at this moment.  Retreat period October 25-27, 2019......Theme " Dynamic Umpiring in a Technological Age

CWI Umpires & Match Referee subcommittee members

 From Left.
Cecil Fletcher ( WICUA)
Dr. Allen Sammy (Trinidad)
Samantha Lynch ( St Vincent)
Azim Bassarath ( CWI Director from Trinidad...Chairman)
Davo Williams ( Monsterrat)
Dario Bartley ( CWI  Project Manager.....Secretary)

Absent is Julian  Charles( CWI Director...St Lucia)


Hi Vivian,


I wish to start by expressing my sincere thanks to the Executive and members of WICUA for the plaque in celebration of my status as a Test umpire which was presented at the Convention in Barbados this month. It’s great to be recognized and this stands high on my very short list of awards. Thanks very much. Unfortunately my World Cup commitments and my preparation for the Ashes made it impossible for me to be at the convention to receive the plaque in person. I hope that all when well and we made positive strides in an effort to improve the way we do business and interact with stakeholders.


On the subject matter at hand- Elite Panel selection. My late reply to your email is as a result of the series of meetings, clothing commitments, venue inspection, net sessions and a review of playing condition changes in preparation for the start of the World Test Championships which begins tomorrow with the first test match of the Ashes. It was unavoidable.


The selection of another elite umpire from this part of the world belongs to the West Indian umpiring fraternity, I am simply the ‘torch bearer’. We must salute the work of the persons, who in 2010 implemented a vision to transform our umpiring, realigning it with a new formula for cricket umpiring across the world. The setting up of the Senior Panel in 2010 opened the door and since then we have had great success with our international, senior and second tier panels. Cricket West Indies (CWI) in conjunction with WICUA- and through the Sub Committee provided the opportunities, that in the main, we have capitalized on. I am confident that I speak on behalf of most, if not all active umpires, in saying that we are extremely grateful to all parties.


I am honored and humbled that I have been selected to carry the ‘torch’ and I know with it comes great responsibility to ‘lift the bar’ already set by Messrs. Bucknor and Doctrove. I am fortunate to have the support of an entire region and all resources possible at my disposable as we build on the work already done. Another door has opened and we must take advantage of this opportunity in an effort to make it easier for the next generation of umpires coming through. The road ahead requires commitment, dedication and an understanding that I must ‘stay hungry and stay foolish’. The 'journey now start’, therefore, we are allowed to slow down to ‘smell the rose’, but stopping, clearly, is not an option.


To all those task with the responsibility of managing the business of umpiring across the region please understand that the only thing constant in life is change. We must make adjustments in our management style, if we are to celebrate more often and much longer.


Thanks again to all my colleagues across the West Indies and North America. I am energized by your support.







The West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association wishes to offer the highest level of congratulations to Mr. Joel Wilson on his appointment to the ICC Elite Panel of Umpires. Mr. Wilson is now the third umpire from the West Indies, behind Hon. Steve Bucknor OJ and Billy Doctrove and the first from his home country of Trinidad & Tobago to be appointed to this illustrious panel. This achievement is no mean feat. It is a phenomenal achievement. It is the recognition that his level of performance has been recognized and deeply rewarded. It also means that Joel could not have been promoted to this level of cricket umpiring if he did not constantly put in the necessary hard work needed to achieve the desired result.


It must be noted that the elevation of Joel to the ICC Elite Panel did not come overnight. This has come about with the planning and the foresight of those who are charged with managing the affairs of the umpires in the West Indies, i.e. Cricket West Indies and the West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association (WICUA). It was in a meeting between the West Indies Cricket Board (CWI) and the West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association held at the Board's office in Antigua on June 6, 2010, that the decision was taken to reduce the regional panel of umpires from 36 to 12, to provide more opportunities, experience and exposure to the top regional umpires with an emphasis on the young members of the panel to get them to the ICC Elite Panel within a few years. Mention must be made of those persons who made that major decision that has now manifested itself in this projected outcome. Dr. Ernest Hillaire, Dr. Allen Sammy, Messrs. Tony Howard, Steve Bucknor, Vivian Johnson and Norman Malcolm. Coupled with this, the decision was made to put in place an exchange programme, which was developed with England and Bangladesh. This also paid mighty dividend as Joel was the recipient of these programmes.


Joel, we at the WICUA are extremely proud of your achievement and want to let you know that the hard work has just started, because with all the planning and futuristic aspirations, it all depends on you to carry the charge as has been done to this point. We know that you will remain focus and will continue make us proud over the next many years that you are expected to remain at this the highest level of cricket umpiring in the world. Again, well done and congratulations.


Vivian Johnson

Hon. Secretary





The West Indies Cricket Umpires’ Association (WICUA) will be holding its 29th Biennial Convention in Barbados July 7 to 12, 2019. The convention will be hosted in Barbados for the fifth time, the last time being in 2005.

The convention will take place at the Mecca of cricket in Barbados, Kensington Oval. The week of activities will begin with a church service at the St. Matthias Anglican Church on Sunday followed with the Opening and Flag raising ceremonies on Monday before the actual start of the convention Agenda.

The WICUA convention takes place every two years with umpires from the six West Indies Territories, plus Canada, United States, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. There will be approximately 150 umpires in attendance. The agenda will include elections of Officers for the next two years, discussions on training and development of umpires throughout the territories and preparation for international assignments. There will also be a cricket match played between the umpires of the host country and the visiting umpires.

The convention will culminate with the President’s Banquet and Awards function on Friday evening. Several umpires will receive their certified WICUA umpires certificates and others will receive awards for outstanding service to the Association. The guest speaker will be Dr. Kishore Shallow, newly elected Vice President of Cricket West Indies. The participants will depart on Saturday July 13th 2019.

Vivian Johnson






ICC World Cup Appointment



The WICUA wishes to congratulate Joel Wilson on his appointment to officiate at the upcoming ICC World Cup to be held in England. It should be noted that Joel has been selected as one of four umpires not from the ICC elite panel of umpires. This bodes well for the confidence that the ICC has in him as one of the top umpires in the world.


We have watched Joel's steady progress since 2014 when he was selected for the world cup that year. He has gone on from strength to strength and has definitely made us proud. He is now joining  his illustrious former West Indies test umpires Steve Bucknor and Billy Doctrove to  have officiated in the grand spectacle, the ICC Cricket World Cup consecutively.


As Adrian Griffith, ICC Senior Manager Umpires and Referees said, “Officiating at the World Cup as with playing is an honor and the pinnacle of an official's career." This is indeed the zenith of cricket officiating and as an Association, we should be proud. We wish Joel all the best in the tournament as he represents the umpires of the West Indies.




Vivian Johnson





In addition to Secretary Johnson's comments for WICUA I take the opportunity to say how much I am proud of you. I do wish that you will reap more success as you chart the journey upwards and onwards.



Hi Colleagues, 
I wish express my appreciation to the Secretary and other executive members of WICUA for the kind words of support. 
I understand my responsibility to umpiring across the region and the hard work involved in participating in such a prestigious world event. 
Thanks again 


Dear Colleagues, 

It is with regret that I am informing you of the passing of the WIFE of former WICUA Hon. Secretary Johnny Gayle. Mrs. Gayle has been ill for a few years now and unfortunately she passed last week. As you know Mr. Johnny has been a stalwart of this Association for over fifty years. We at the WICUA would like to express our condolences to Mr. Gayle and his family on the loss of his wife and life long partner of several decades. May his spirit be lifted and his heart be comforted in this very difficult time.
Please express your condolences to be delivered to Mr. Gayle through the JCUA, namely Norman Malcolm, Daniel Warren Kidd and Maurice Chung. They will be in contact with the family and will be able to deliver your messages. Funeral service for Mrs. Gayle will be announced later. May her soul rest in peace.


Vivian Johnson



Dear Colleagues,


Please find the results of the WICUA Oral & Practical Results 2018. Please note comments by the Chairman of Examinations regarding the number of candidates that were successful and the percentage attained. According to the Chairman, there is work yet to be done. As a team, we are prepared to do the work, but also to ensure that the candidates commit themselves to work as hard as possible in order to be successful.


As Secretary, I want to congratulate all the successful candidates and to encourage the unsuccessful candidates to continue the preparation for next year’s success. I also want to thank all the examiners who extend their time to conduct this important exam. Please see the chairman’s remarks below. Please be reminded that the pass mark for this exam is 80%. Thank you.


Vivian Johnson

Hon. Secretary,   WICUA

Mr. Vivian Johnson

Honorary Secretary WICUA (December 06, 2018)



  1. This year, twenty-seven (27) candidates completed the WICUA Practical and Oral Examination with seventeen (17) attaining the required pass mark of 80% that represents a 62.96% success rate, quite low and will require Training Officers and candidates to raise the bar in their preparations.

  2. Congratulations to all successful candidates and to Mudassar Safdar of the United States Cricket Umpires Association on attaining the highest mark of 94.66%, a testament of the hard work he would have put in.

  3. To those who were not successful on this occasion be encouraged to continue the process to achieve your goal, success is never achieved by sudden flight but by being persistent and developing consistency, you must be eager for success and put in the hard work to achieve it.

  4. Colleagues of the WICUA Training Committee, WICUA Secretary, Territorial Training Officers, umpires, and other stakeholders who participated in this year’s exercise thank you for your continued assistance and support throughout the process.

  5. Candidates must be encouraged to attend all classes, study the laws, have as much practice sessions as possible to build confidence and be advised on answering questions, short, precise and to the point only.

  6. Urgently needed is for the practical assessment form to be refurbished to allow for comments from examiners on candidates performance.


Best Regards,

Peter Nero (Chairman WICUA Training & Examination Committee)



To:       Secretaries and Presidents of WICUA Territories

From:   Vivian Johnson – Secretary of WICUA

Date:   October 14, 2018

Subject: WICUA Final Written Exam Results 2018


Dear Colleague Umpires,


WICUA Final Witten Exam Results for 2018. Congratulations to all the successful candidates who have attained the pass mark of 70% and above. To those who were not successful this time, continue to persevere by putting in the hard work and you will surely be rewarded.


I would like to the trainers who spent an enormous amount of time preparing these candidates for this exam. Please note that the work is not yet complete and there are two other aspects of the exam to complete the process. I challenge you to continue to support your charges until the desired results are achieved.


Please note information from the Chairman that should help us to synchronize this process and make it much better.



Vivian Johnson






Dear Secretaries,




  1. Please see below the results of the West Indies Cricket Umpires Association Final Written (Level 2) Examination held on Sunday 19th August 2018, congratulations are extended to all candidates who participated in the examination and the success gained. Success being the ability to be resilient and endure to the end.

  2. A total of 52 candidates completed the examination with 35 being successful and 17 having to try again when the next examination is held, this represents 67.30% success, while it is a higher percentage than last year a lot more work is needed by candidates to be prepared.

  3. This examination represents another step in the career building block; it is the foundation that must one must build on to become stronger and more durable. Continue to study the laws to become the next qualified umpire.

  4. Congratulations is extended to Shemar Michael Boyce of Barbados Cricket Umpires Association, he achieved 93% a demonstration of the hard work and dedication he would have put into his studies.

  5. Advice to candidates: the method of answering question, as short as possible, to the point and relevant to the question only, avoid repeating the question in your answers.

  6. To trainers: the questions on bowled, LBW, follow on (commencement of play), last hour, deliberate short run, deliberate no ball, Level 4 offences, are the areas to look at from this examination.

  7. General: a more practical approach is needed to training with; regular sessions, diagrams, scenarios, pictures, videos, role play and mock examinations, these can assist with better logical thinking.


    Best regards

    Peter Nero

 WICUA Examinations 2018

WICUA Final Written Examination 2018

 Sunday August 19th 2018

 WICUA Oral Examination 2018

  Sunday December 2nd 2018

Laws of Cricket 2017 Code (New)

Explanation of Changes to the 7th Edition




As a people we are indeed living in a changing world. Some persons are afraid of changes and for diverse reasons. From the outset changes are affected for better and not for worse, however sometimes the dreams and the aspirations are not achieved, this brings to fore such words as failure, disappointment and grief.  Conversely more often than not you hear of joy, success, progress and just reward.

As umpires there has been significant changes in the umpiring landscape, the numbers required for some category of matches have been severely tailored to the point that some umpires felt not motivated, whilst some have experienced financial and status driven reward and are extremely happy.

The truth has always been that changes are intended for good. Umpires need to look at the bright side and remain focused. At all stages not every umpire would have made it to the Elite or ICC Panel or the WICB Regional Panel. This should not in any way be a hindrance, instead an umpire should work hard to reach the top with determination.

Cricket umpiring should not be seen as offering a service for free, it is a business and it has pay days.  This therefore should provide the drive, the impetus thus acting as a stimulus for one’s motivation. Notwithstanding however WICUA has a duty to be, if not ahead of the game, at least should be close to it. WICUA ought to provide the leadership necessary to keep hopes and aspirations alive.  There are ways that WICUA can forge, which may assist in enhancing the quality of umpiring life.  One such way is to organize and work with territories in trying to establish an Umpires Exchange Programme within WICUA.  This is actively under consideration for the future.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.


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