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Passing of Lloyd George Hill

Lloyd George Hill died on Tuesday July 17th in the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay, St.James, Jamaica at about 5 30am. His death resulted after  he fell in his bathroom on Monday July 2nd. For which he was rushed to the Hospital.  He was discharged and sent home after a stay of 12 days. His condition worsened and he was readmitted. He subsequently passed. 

He was diagnosed to have hit his head in the bath and suffered severe brain damage. 

Funeral arrangements are far advanced and could take place on Thursday August 9th at Buckingham Baptist Church in the hills of St James. Interment in the Hill view cemetery Paisley St. James.



Cecil Fletcher


Death of Lloyd George Hill

Dear Colleagues,


It is quite shocking to hear the news of the sudden passing of Umpire George Hill.George Hill has been an Umpire extraordinaire both with the United States of America and Jamaica Cricket Umpires Associations. In recent years, he was quite active and instrumental in working with WICUA on a number of issues affecting the organization. He was the designated WICUA Lawyer and played a vital role in redrafting the constitution in 2006.


He attended a number of conventions and was constantly on the floor asking questions or making some telling points. George will be sorely missed by us all. We will remember all that he has done for this Association and his memory will surely live on. On behalf of WICUA, I wish to extend condolences to his family, the Jamaica Cricket Umpires Association and the United States Cricket Umpires Association on his untimely death. May his soul rest in eternal peace.


Please see funeral arrangements  as informed by President Fletcher in his email.




Vivian Johnson




Passing of Mr. Lloyd Scott of USACUA

Hi Colleagues,


It is with regret that we have been advised by the USACUA  of the passing of Mr. Lloyd Scott. Mr. Scott was the founder of the USACUA and played a significant role in its development to what the association has become today.

Mr. Scott was very instrumental in bringing the 1999 WICUA convention to New York, the first time it was being held in that country. Mr. Scott has been a lover of cricket all his life and as such had devoted his life to the development of cricket and cricket umpiring in the United States.

 The United States Cricket Umpires' Association and the West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association are poorer for his passing.  

 On behalf of the WICUA, I extend condolences to his family and wish for them God's blessing in this their time of bereavement.  

 May his soul rest in peace. 




Vivian Johnson

Secretary, WICUA

 WICUA Examinations 2018

WICUA Final Written Examination 2018

 Sunday August 19th 2018

 WICUA Oral Examination 2018

  Sunday December 2nd 2018



The news of the passing of Clyde shocked the WICUA community and indeed a large number of persons in diverse places. He served WICUA as an executive member with distinction for years.

He was a man of quiet disposition, humility of purpose, integrity and probity.

Elegant in stature he personified the term “ Consummate Ease”

He could be referred to as the gentle giant. He was excessively calm,  approachable and well mannered.

He was someone worthy of being emulated as a role model.

Overtime he has impacted the lives of scores of cricket umpires having spent years at the helm of the umpires’ examination processes.

In early 2017 he signaled his intention to retire from active service being the chairman of the training and examination committee. In July 2017 at the WICUA Convention held in Jamaica his resignation was accepted.  As a result of the quality service he had rendered to the Association he was immediately accorded the status of Honorary Life Member of WICUA.

His passing will create a void in the association.

On behalf of my family and WICUA I do extend condolences to the bereaved.

May his Soul Rest in Peace and Light perpetually shine on him.

Signed: Cecil Fletcher ….President WICUA



The West Indies Cricket Umpires’ Association is the regional organization that represents all the Umpires in the West Indies including the United States, Canada, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. This organization is an integral arm or an associate member of the West Indies Cricket Board ( Cricket West Indies), and plays a vital and pivotal role  in the administration of umpiring matters related to West Indies cricket.

Mr. Clyde Cumberbatch was a member of this organization for nearly fifty years. For the last fourteen years, he was a member of the executive and the Chairman of the Examination Department, a portfolio he held in high esteem as he knew the level of importance that umpires attach to passing the WICUA exams. This is the exam that will catapult them to officiate at the highest level of cricket in the world. Mr. Cumberbatch took his job extremely seriously. He was a totally devoted servant of the people of the region.

He dedicated his life and soul to ensure that the exams were properly prepared, administered and the integrity sealed so that the results were beyond questioned. Mr. Clyde Cumberbatch was a man of honour and an impeccable high integrity. During his time at the helm of administering the WICUA Exams, he was never once questioned by an umpire who did not successfully make it through the exams. It would seem unwise to do such a foolish thing as Mr. Cumberbatch epitomizes a man of the highest order of what characterizes high integrity.

I have had the honour of working closely with Mr. Cumberbatch throughout his time of Chairman, coordinating the exams. Over these many years, we encountered much difficulties and problems to get the exams done. Never once have I ever heard Mr. Cumberbatch complained about the task at hand. He would weather the storm in his usual calm and diligent manner until the job was done. This was the measure of the man.

Not only have I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Cumberbatch administratively, but I also had the pleasure of working with him as his standby umpire in regional first class matches. I must tell you that it was an honour working with this calm, stately, impressive figure of a man/umpire. Not only did he make an impact on me as a young umpire, but in those days when the visiting umpires came to your country, it was a member of the local umpiring team that was responsible for transporting him. I have had that job of transporting ‘Cumbie’ to and from those matches at Sabina Park. His conversations during those occasions were truly inspiring, encouraging and methodical. He was not only deep in his thinking as an umpire, but was conscious of national and regional issues. I remembered quite distinctly in one of our conversations, one morning when we encountered lots of traffic, he said, “ You know that in Trinidad, the Government is building lots of flyovers and highways to alleviate these kinds of traffic jams.” I said to him, “That is excellent for national development. “His witty response was, “ It is full time they spend the money developing the place, instead of putting it in their pockets.” The deep thinker he was.

We in the WICUA revere Mr. Cumberbatch. He was loved by all. Everyone had kind words for him. In my Secretary’s report to the WICUA 28th Biennial Convention held in Jamaica in July 2017, I saluted Mr. Cumberbatch as he was retiring as Chairman of the Training Committee. Let me quote from the report. “ Over the past two years , the Training & Exam Committee of WICUA has continued to do a sterling job in preparing, testing, and qualifying candidates as WICUA Umpires.. Mr. Cumberbatch has been Chairman of this committee since 2003 and has done a remarkable job in his distinct quiet manner without complaints. This year he has decided that the time has come to pass the mantle to a younger person. I must on behalf of WICUA extent heartiest thank you to Mr. Cumberbatch, a dedicated, devoted, diligent and delighted individual for a job well done. Mr. Cumberbatch you are truly a gentleman of the highest order. May you enjoy your retirement with the comfort it deserves.”At the end of the Convention, the WICUA accorded Mr. Cumberbatch its highest honour, by bestowing on him the honour of Honorary Life Member.

The WICUA is poorer today for his  passing and our meetings and conventions won’t be the same without his stately, calming demeanour. Sleep well my friend.

Vivian Johnson



January 5, 2018.


  Funeral Services for Clyde Elliot Cumberbatch

Dear all,

Mr. Cumberbatch funeral is at All Saints Church from 10.00 am on Friday, crematorium at 12.00

Funeral of Clyde Elliot Cumberbatch

Friday 5th January 2018 at 1000am at All Saints Anglican Church corner Marli St and Queens Park West opposite USA Embassy thence to Cremation at 1200 noon at Public Crematorium, Long Circular Road St James next to Long Circular Mall

No wreath by request, cards will be accepted, collection will be taken up during the service.

 Passing of Mr. Clyde Cumberbatch

It is with total shock and sadness that I am informing you of the death of our beloved colleague Umpire Clyde Cumberbatch. Mr. Cumberbatch died this morning after suffering injuries to his head in a fall at his home. Mr. Cumberbatch was a great man. He was great in his service to both Trinidad & Tobago and the West Indies. He commanded the total and ultimate respect of all he came in contact with. His quiet demeanor, his stately manner are some of his considerable good traits.  He was a former Test Umpire and Chairman of the WICUA Exam Committee for fourteen years where he made a telling contribution to the development of Cricket Umpires in the West Indies. He will be surely missed.

On behalf of my family, and the entire family of the West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association, I extend sympathies to his wife, daughter, other members of his family and  the T&TCUC on his passing. Cricket Umpiring will not be the same without Mr. Cumberbatch. May his soul rest in peace.

NB: I have been  informed by Mr. Cumberbatch's daughter that the funeral is planned for Friday January 5, 2018.


Vivian Johnson

 Passing of Umpire Lincoln Champagnie

 Hello Mr. Baksh,

It is with deep regret that I learnt of the death of Umpire Lincoln Champagnie. As is stated and well known, Mr. Champagnie was one of the founding members of the New York Cricket Umpires' Association and subsequently the USACUA. Mr. Champagnie devoted and dedicated himself to the building and development of umpires and umpiring in the USA for over two decades.The USACUA and the WICUA owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Champagnie for his foresight in charting this process of establishing an umpiring organization that is so fundamental to the game of cricket. 

We are saddened to know that Mr. Champagnie has passed on, but his name will be with us forever. On behalf of the Executive and the members of WICUA, I want to extend my deepest condolences to his family and to the family of the USACUA. We know that in the time of bereavement,there is a lot of emotions, but we are all praying that God will take good care of you all. May his soul rest in peace.


Vivian Johnson


            WICUA Biennial Convention in Kingston, Jamaica July 1 to July 8, 2017


Hello Fellow Umpires,


It is Convention time again. We are in the year of the WICUA Biennial Convention to be held in Kingston, Jamaica from July 1 to July 8, 2017. Please find attached, information from Jamaica with regards to accommodation at the University Campus of the West Indies where the convention is scheduled to take place. There are other hotel accommodations in Kingston that are available for persons that want to go that route. Jamaica's organizing committee will provide the hotels' information in the near future. Please make your arrangements accordingly by communicating with Mr. Norman Malcolm, President of the Jamaica Cricket Umpires' Association to provide these details.


Secondly, please note that all reports and articles for the Convention Brochure are to be sent to the WICUA Secretary by email, by March 31, 2017.


Thirdly, "Nominations for election to the WICUA Executive shall be submitted in writing to the WICUA Secretary not later than three months before the date of the General Council Meeting, provided that the nominees indicate to the Honorary Secretary their willingness to undertake the office." This means that nominations must be submitted to the Secretary by March 31 2017.


I look forward to your cooperation as usual and please make your plans for Convention 2017.


NB: Please ensure that all your members are provided with this information.




Vivian Johnson




Passing of Clarence Shafrali (Umpire)

Dear All,


I am saddened to learn of the passing of Mr. Clarence Shafrali, a stalwart Umpire and former president of the T&TCUC. Mr. .Shafrali was well known and widely respected in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider West Indies. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Shafrali for the first time in 2005 at the convention in Barbados and we met several times thereafter. The conversation was always one of mutual respect for each other. He was a man of total conviction who believes in what he was about and worked towards achieving it. He will be sadly missed by his umpiring colleagues in the West Indies.


On behalf of WICUA and all the Umpires in the region, please convey our deepest sympathies and condolences to his family and remind them that Mr. Shafrali had done a remarkable job here on earth and is now with his God, so they should be comforted in the fact that he is now in a better place. May his soul rest in peace.




Vivian Johnson






It is indeed with sadness to hear of the passing of our beloved umpire colleague Gyanandad Sukdeo. It brings more grief when the person is so young. It is an extremely difficult time for his family and his umpiring family. On behalf of all the umpires in the West Indies and North America, please extend condolences to his immediate family and let them know that our prayers are with them throughout this difficult period. 


May his soul rest in peace.







Dominica Cricket Umpires Association

Dear Mr. Johnson,


Special greetings go out to you and the rest of WICUA executive coming from the Dominica Cricket Umpires Association.

I'm very delighted to report you on the most recent developments in our association.

We are making strides since passage of Tropical Storm Erika which gave our country a serious beating.

We stand resolute in our pursuit to build the Nature Isle of the Caribbean Dominica.

Following the passage of Erika the Senior Panel of Umpires embarked on a special initiative for Dominica.

Each Umpire pledge to give back one day of match their match fee to a relief effort in Dominica.

Our association decided to assist our own Umpires who were victims of Erika.

The presentation  was done on Friday 19th February 2016 .

We have since set up our association email which you'll be receiving all emails from.


We recently held our 46 AGM which a new executive was elected.

I full report will be send to you, however the new executive comprise of the following persons .

President:  Mr. Heston Charles

Vice President Mr. Michael Royer

Treasurer:  Mr. Andy Williams

Secretary: Joseph Thomas

Committee Members  Mr. Billy Doctrove & Mr. Lenny Dangleben  

Please refer to attached info on presentation.



Heston Charles



Dear Ms. Williams,


Heartiest congratulations on your appointment by the ICC to its Third Tier Associate and Affiliates Panel. This is a continuation on the journey you have started, which by this measure, is certainly looking rosy for the future. Your commitment to cricket umpiring and your steadfastness in performing your duties are testimonies to this level of achievement.


We at the WICUA are extremely proud of your achievement and will continue to provide the necessary guidance, training and advice necessary for further success. Please continue to hold your head high as you have a great responsibility as a trendsetter for all the peoples of the Caribbean, especially the women.


The West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association salutes you on this outstanding achievement and wish for you all the best in your future endeavors.




Vivian Johnson








Dear Ms. Williams,


The WICUA wishes to congratulate you on your appointment to officiate in the ICC qualifying tournament in Asia. We are extremely proud of this achievement and as I expressed in my convention report, you are the pace setter in this regard, and you will be the determining standard bearer for all other female umpires in the Caribbean. It is therefore incumbent on you to do everything within your powers to make a good first and lasting impression. Your performance will determine whether more Caribbean/ West Indian female umpires move to this level. We have no doubt that you will be successful in both your on and off the field experience and make us proud.


We at WICUA have both the confidence and faith in you that you will make the leap to the next level, which is the ICC women's world cup in 2017. All the best and ensure that our flag keeps flying high.




Vivian Johnson





President's Quarterly Report August-October 2015


Jamaica Cricket Umpires’ Association


Media/Press Advisory


November 22, 2015


Local Umpire Appointed to ICC World Cup Qualifiers


The Jamaica Cricket Umpires’ Association (JCUA) is pleased to announce the appointment of local Umpire Jacquline Williams to officiate in the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup qualifiers which will take place from November 28 to December 6, 2015 in Thailand. She will depart the island on Monday November 23. The ICC qualifiers will feature eight teams which will see the top two teams advancing to the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in 2016, to be staged in India.


Umpire Williams is a member of the WICB Emerging Panel of umpires and will next month create history when she becomes the first female umpire to do on-field duties in a regional first class match in the West Indies. She is scheduled to stand in the WICB Professional Cricket League match between Jamaica Scorpions and Guyana Jaguars at Sabina Park between December 11 and 14. Williams will do duties with Peter Nero of Trinidad and Tobago.


The JCUA sees this achievement by Umpire Williams as the result of her hard work, coupled with the support in training and development seminars on the part of the JCUA and the WICB. We wish Umpire Williams every success in this tournament and look forward to her continued progress.



Public Relations Contact: Athol Hamilton

Email: atholhamilton@live.com

Tel: 876-351-2081



 Hello Billy,


Kindly accept our sympathies for you and the people of Dominica on the terrible loss of lives and the destruction of property that occurred during the recent passing of Hurricane Erica. We are happy to know that you and your family are safe and would like you to let us know if any of our umpires were seriously affected.


The WICUA wants you to know that we are here to offer our support in this time of crisis. You are forever in our prayers and we hope that the people will be able to build back their lives in short order. On behalf of the entire WICUA fraternity, we wish the people of Dominica a full recovery and offer our condolences to those families who lost loved ones.


Vivian Johnson

Hon. Secretary



Dear Billy,

Please accept sympathies for yourself and others from Dominica who experienced any sort of loss resulting from hurricane Erica. We the members of USACUA are with you during this tragic and challenging time. Our prayers are with you and your fellow country men. We wish you and the people of Dominica a speedy recovery. 

Again best wishes and prayers for you and your family, Umpires and people of Dominica during this challenging time.

With Regards

Mohamed S Baksh

Secretary, USACUA




Proposals being Promulgated for Further Discussions at convention 2015

  1. Umpires Manager

Intention:  To collaborate, the activities of the Regional Panel Umpires , working in partnership with the WICB.

Focus: Panel Umpires

Timing: To be effective by 2015

  1. Fund Raising

Intention:  To raise funds in order to better finance the activities of the Association.

Implementation:  Formation of a vibrant committee with authority to articulate ways and means of driving the process.

Timing: To be effected by 2015

  1. Fixed Convention Date

Intention: To have all the territories sensitized of the date of Convention, in order that each can make appropriate plans and decisions as they relate to attendance etc.

Timing:  To be effected by 2015

  1. Honorarium

Intention:  To have a fixed sum of money budgeted for payment to the Secretary for work done as they relate to the activities of the association. This should be revised at every convention.

Timing: To be effected by 2015

  1. Coordination of Convention Activities

 Intention:  To allow the Secretary or his/her nominee to travel 2 days before the date of Convention to the convention site to inspect the venue and with the local team ensure that all are in place for the occasion.

Timing:  To be effected by 2015


  1. Territorial Training

Intention:  To see to the proper execution annually of high level umpires’ training throughout the territories.

All members of the Training committee to meet annually to discuss programmes and their implementation in their particular jurisdiction.

Implementation: A committee to monitor and Report

Timing: to be effected by 2015

  1. WICUA Exchange Program

    Intention: To expose umpires to different culture.

    To allow umpires to see themselves as a part of a wider WICUA society

                         To afford umpires the chance of officiating in different countries.

                      To have an exchange programme with different countries as an

                      away and return policy.

    Implementation:   A Committee to work out details and on approval to execute and Report

    Timing:  To be effected by 2015  

  2. The proposal is for WICUA to become financially independent in five years. To be able to finance and carry out programmes without resorting to WICB.  The fund raising committee should be charged to attract sponsorship and put on large fund raising activities to achieve the targeted funds that would be earmarked. This financial independence would not preclude the WICB from continuing with its annual grant, convention grant and paying of airfares for examiners and executive for conventions. (2020)

  3. The plan is for the WICUA Council to meet once between convention years over two days at a venue to be determined. Funding to be undertaken by WICUA and Territorial Umpiring Associations. (2016)

  4.  That the Training and Examination Committee move to standardize the local umpiring examination in each territory. This will ensure uniformity in the training programme in all territories in order that all umpires are entering the Association with the same degree of exposure and training. (2015)

  5.  The Area Vice Presidents should be mandated to produce half yearly reports to the President/Secretary on developments in their area. The reports to be circulated by the Secretary to the full Council. (2015)

  6. With the plan for the attainment of financial independence, the proposal is to finance the exchange of at least two umpires to officiate in the domestic competition of another Territory on an annual basis for one month. The purpose should be for exposure and training with the future in mind. Umpires should not be members of the WICB panels and should have passed all the WICUA exams. (2019)

  7.  To mandate Vice Presidents to have more direct coordination of their areas. Vice Presidents should visit the countries under their jurisdiction from time to time; be involved in training programmes; must be knowledgeable about umpires’ performance; and the establishment of close working relationship with each country. Funds from WICUA should be earmarked to offset 50 percent of airline costs; Vice Presidents to seek sponsorship to  cover the other 50 percent while host country takes care of transportation accommodation and meals. (2017)

  8.  All local Umpiring Associations must work closely and in conjunction with their Territorial Boards to formulate plans and resolutions for the advancement of local umpiring. The aim is to prepare and focus the umpires for the international level. (2015)

  9.  That the WICUA representatives to the WICB continue to represent the Umpires best interest in realizing fees, contracts, continuous assessments, promotion , ensuring the fulfilling of quota requirements for matches and provide feedback on performance. (2015)

    16. As it relates to new umpires,
    While some of them are eager and qualified, most if not all of them need
    some Man Management and Operational skills added to their delivery of their
    For example.
    (a). Pre-planning for the day ahead. Understanding the rules of the match,
    environment, teams (any idiosyncrasies) , the condition of the pitch, early
    arrival at the ground.
    (b). Administration, be prepared to document in detail incidents in matches, so that they can give an accurate account should it be required.
    (c). Man Management. Be prepared to deal and communicate with the players,
    fellow umpires and match officials, in a professional manner at all times and
    handle any situations that may occur
    efficiently and with to train and  remind the young umpires of these areas.

    Vivian Johnson

    Secretary, WICUA

    April 2, 2015.


July 15, 2015.



The West Indies Cricket Umpires’ Association (WICUA) will be holding its 27th Bi-ennial convention in New York City, USA from July 18 – 25, 2015. The convention brings together over one hundred and twenty delegates and observers from the ten affiliate countries (territories). The member countries are Jamaica, Barbados Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Leeward Islands, Windward Islands, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Canada and the United States of America.

The convention is held every two years on a rotational basis. The last convention was held in Trinidad & Tobago in 2013.This is the second time that this convention will be held in the New York City, the last time being in 1999. Convention is always a welcome and exiting time for the umpires, as they get an opportunity to dialogue with each other, get to know fellow umpires from across the region and most importantly to discuss matters pertinent to cricket and cricket umpiring in the region and the world. It is a means by which ideas garnered from resolutions, discussions and other information is provided to the West Indies Cricket Board for action. The WICB plays an important role in these conventions as it was instrumental in the formation of the WICUA in 1962. It provides the WICUA with a major financial contribution to assist in the hosting of this major event. In fact at the last convention, the WICUA celebrated its 50th anniversary with a glittering presentation ceremony honoring prominent past and current members, its affiliate countries and the WICB.

The Convention kicks off its activities on Sunday with a Church Service at the Convention Centre – The Raddisson Hotel in Queens, New York, followed on Monday with the Flag Raising and Opening Ceremonies and then to the business at hand, the General Council Meeting, which deals with the minutes of the last convention, Reports and Election of Officers among other matters. The General Council meeting is followed by discussion in our business session, which will have discussions on several topics with presentations by groups etc. Between all the serious work sessions, there will be nightly social activities hosted by various groups and organizations, a cricket match played between the host country and the visiting umpires and the culmination of the week of activities with the President’s Banquet and Award Ceremony to take place on Friday night.

The WICUA is currently led by President Mr. Cecil Fletcher of Jamaica; Mr. Billy Doctrove, executive vice president; Messrs. Fitzroy Hayles, Goaland Greaves, Clancy Mack, Patrick Grazette, area 1-4 vice presidents, Mr. Vivian Johnson, Hon. Secretary; Mr. Norman Malcolm, assistant Secretary/Treasurer and Mr. Clyde Cumberbatch, Chairman, Training and Examination Council.

Prepared by:




Season greetings to one and all.

By President Cecil Fletcher


Colleagues All


 Our 26th Convention has come and gone. From reports it is justifiable to say it was a success.  All that we had achieved was the consequence of the hard work put in by our constituents.


Our continued success will depend on how we proceed hereafter and I challenge us to do the best we can and to support whatever initiatives we put in place to enhance our image and existence.


It is an understatement to say that we need money to boltster the finances of the association as it is a given that it is so. Your help will be needed to ensure that whatever is to be channeled to the coffers of WICU be done as in doing just that we will grow financially.


2013-2015 should be an interesting period as the mandate of the convention is geared towards positive undertakings.


I beg of you to respond to emails promptly at all times particularly when asked for an input in given situations.


I beg of you to get your constituents to understand the role of WICUA and to submit to its dictates.


I beg of you to carry out the functions that the office you hold requires of you with professionalism, commitment and dedication.


The secretariat under the guidance of Vivian Johnson did a fantastic job and has been doing so ever since he took up the mantle of service. With his assistant and treasurer Norman Malcolm they both are key players in the overall scheme of things.


I welcome to the fold with sincerity Goland Greaves and our promoted colleague Billy Doctrove.


We have a great team and I look forward to great things for WICUA


Best wishes to all and may the good Lord Bless and Keep us.




Cecil Fletcher






Colleagues All,


Once more it is that time of the year again when we celebrate in Christendom the birth of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is the season of good cheer, of goodwill, of giving and of family coming together to share good memories and enjoy each other. Christmas is indeed a happy time of the year. It is with this in mind that we at WICUA would like to wish all our members a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.


It must be noted that we are living in a part of the world that is free from wars, strife and terrorism. There are many parts of the world that are engaged in bitter wars that have uprooted, killed and displaced millions of families. Countries such as Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Somalia, Nigeria, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan and South Sudan come readily to mind. Whatever the religious beliefs in these countries, they will not be able to celebrate a holiday like us in the fashion and manner in which we celebrate. We are therefore grateful to God for the freedom we enjoy to enable us to assemble, to worship in peace and to sing his praise anytime anywhere.


We are also grateful for the fact that we can participate in our cricketing activities without fear of being attacked by extremist elements. It is therefore instructive that at this time of the year we take time out to give thanks to our lord for life, health and family. The year 2014 was quite successful for a number of our umpires. There are those who passed their local exams and join our fold as new umpires; those who passed the WICUA written exam; those who are awaiting their WICUA Oral and Practical results; umpires who have successfully officiated in the age groups and women's tournament; umpires in the senior panel who officiated in the major regional tournaments and did a tremendous job; our umpires on the International panel who continue to do well, and the movement of Joel Wilson who is currently officiating in an International series overseas and has been selected for the world cup next year. We must give thanks for all these achievements and continue to press ahead for greater accomplishments in 2015 and beyond.


Next year 2015, we will be holding our 27th Biennial convention which will be held in New York, USA. We are far advanced in the planning for this convention and would therefore like to encourage as many umpires to attend this event. You should start your planning from now if you have not started as it is only six months away. The planning committee has advised me that they plan to put together an event that is unmatched by any you have seen. 


Let us therefore join hands together to strengthen each other, to assist those in our association that need our help, advise and experience. Let us share our knowledge with each other and build an umpiring organization that is second to none. Let us by word and by deed show common courtesy and respect to our fellow umpires and try to give as much encouragement especially when they are out in the middle. It is these traits that we would like to cultivate as an association that I am sure will make us stronger as a unified body. May God continue to bless each of us as we celebrate the end of another year and give us strength to give of our best in the years to come.


Best regards and a have Merry Christmas to you all.


Vivian Johnson,




 To all umpires and their families have a safe and blessed Christmas and best wishes for a successful and productive New Year 2015.

Richard Austin


Hello Colleagues. 
As we celebrate at this time of the year let us not forget all the unfortunate people in this world.  Let's remember them as we feast and indulge in the safety of our homes and communities.

I want to wish each and every one of you a safe and peaceful holiday season and prayer that the New Year brings good health and happiness both on and off the field.  Love to your respective families.

Blessings my brothers.

Patrick G.


To All,

Wishing you all the Best of the Holiday Seasons, whoever and whenever your seasonal celebrations occur, and the best for 2015.

Fitzroy Hayles


The St. Lucia Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association, we would like to join  the Secretary in extending warmest regards and season greetings to all members of WICUA, those in the umpiring fraternity and their families.
For all those who may be experiencing health problems as well as any other issues, here is hoping that your prayers will be heard and answered and that there will be a level of prosperity coming your way for 2015.
Season greetings to one and all



Season greetings to all my colleagues and all the very best for the 2015 season; looking forward to great camaraderie among us as we celebrate our biennial pilgrimage. 


Warm Regards

Norman Malcolm (Assistant Secretary/Treasurer)



Funeral Service for the late Douglas Sang-Hue OD         


Please be advised that the funeral service for the late Douglas Sang-Hue OD will be held at the PORT ROYAL METHODIST CHURCH on Saturday September 13, 2014 starting at 2:00 pm. Interment will take place thereafter.




Vivian Johnson





Gentlemen, It is indeed a sad day for the Jamaica Cricket Umpires' Association (JCUA) and West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association (WICUA) family. The passing of Douglas Sang-Hue OD, former Test and International Umpire has left a huge void in our umpiring fraternity On Friday, August 22, 2014. Mr. Sang-Hue epitomized the true standard of excellence that every umpire would like to aspire for. He had been a true ambassador for Jamaica and the entire West Indies, representing us locally, regionally and internationally with distinction. We will surely miss him. 


 On behalf of the West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association which he served with grace, humility and distinction, I would like to extend condolence to his family. May his soul rest in peace. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.




Vivian Johnson

Secretary WICUA                                        




The passing of one of our most colorful and legendary umpire Mr. Douglas Sanghue has cast a massive shadow of gloom. He was a man of consummate ease, who displayed at all times professionalism, knowledge and authority when dispensing Justice. He was like an authority in his time on matters of umpiring; you could safely refer to him as the "Bible" 


Unassuming though he appears he had gained the respect of all those with whom he had come in contact. In the JCUA he was revered.


He was an Icon, no doubt about that.


WICUA will be poorer simply put. Dougie is gone, but his memory and the legacy he has left will certainly live on.


To his family and friends I extend condolence.

May His Soul Rest In Peace  



Cecil Fletcher




Dear Vivian,


Sad to hear about the passing of Douggie - as he was known to most of us.  Please convey sincere condolences to his family and the umpiring fraternity of Jamaica. He will long be remembered as one who never allowed his accomplishments to scupper or overshadow his humility.  Though small in stature, he was undoubtedly an Umpiring colossus.  


Pat & Cheryl Whyte



Dear Vivian,
It is with deepest and sincerest sympathy that the Executive & Members of the Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Umpires & Scorers Council extends to the family, friends and the Jamaica Cricket Umpires Association our condolences on the passing of the late Mr. Douglas San-Hue, an icon in the umpiring fraternity and the international audience. While some of us would have rubbed shoulders with Mr. San-Hue, others would only have heard of his exploits on the cricket field. May his legacy live on.

Rest in peace my umpiring brother!
John Lewis,
General Secretary 


Dear Vivian


Please extend my deepest sympathies to the family of our dear brother Douglas.  I first met him in St Kitts and he has always been a pillar of strength to me when ever we spoke.  To the JCUA, you have lost a "Good man" and a faithful servant.  May he rest in peace..


Patrick G

BCUA & Area 4 VP.



Canada joins the rest of the cricket world in mourning the loss of a great soul.
Douglas Sang Hue was an umpire par -excellence.
Doug or Doggie as he was more affectionately referred to by those who knew and interacted
with him was a man of humble stature. He never sought flamboyancy and fame.
He was very passionate about cricket umpiring. He knew the Laws of Cricket inside out.
He will be remembered for his many forthright decisions. Had Test matched been played then with the regularity they in these times, he would certainly have stood in a century and more matches.
Doggie we all of the Caribbean and Americas will miss you greatly.
May your soul rest in peace




2013 Oral & Practical Examination Results

I enclose for your attention and action the results of the 2013 Oral & Practical Examination held on December 15th 2013 at the various Countries.  In 2013, forty nine (49) candidates took the examination and 98%.of the candidates were successful.  Those candidates who were successful should assist and encourage their fellow country man to continue and not give up until he/she has attained the pass mark or more.

This year’s highest mark of 98% was attained by SUNDA SUBRAMANIAM of the United States of America closely followed in second place was ANU PATEL also of the USA and MOSES RAMPAL with 96.5% from Guyana.     This is the beginning of moving a step further into your chosen field and it is important that you reaching to the next highest level i.e. serving cricket throughout the region.

To the Training Committee members, WICUA Secretary and Assistant Secretary who participated in this exercise let me say thank you. It was another delighted year and I do look forward to the continued support from all members.


Clyde Cumberbatch

Chairman, Training & Examination Committee



Dear Colleagues,

Please be advised that the WICUA Oral Examination will be held throughout the territories

on December 15, 2013.

External Examiners have been appointed and the information has been presented to the WICB.

We will advise of these examiners once the bookings are approved and confirmed.

Please ensure that all the candidates are informed of the date, time and locations of the exams.


Vivian Johnson











WICUA 2013 Final Written examination was a 100% success for all 61 candidates who wrote the examinations.  Special congratulations go to VIJAYA PRAKASH MALLELA of USA who attained 97.5% followed by RYAN O NEIL BANWARIE of Guyana for achieving 93% in this year examination.

Each of you demonstrated the will to excel and certainly made your lecturers proud of your hard work. Now let us demonstrate that knowledge of the game and on the field of play. Keep reaching for the thirst of truth and fair judgment on the field of play.



Clyde Cumberbatch

Chairman, Training & Examination Committee


Hello Colleagues,


 Please extend congratulations to all the candidates who set an unprecedented record in this level of the exam. All the candidates were successful making it a 100% success. Congratulations must also be extended to the trainers who spent a lot of time imparting their knowledge. I must encourage you to continue to work hard as this is only the first part of a three part exam.




Vivian Johnson


2013 Christmas Greetings




Thanks for the info.

I am saddened to learn of the passing of Bertie, he was a stalwart in his time, he was great for the Association and I remembered him much. He was quite humorous, he was intolerant with sloppy work. During my acceptance speech being elected to my second term as President I did ask that a message be conveyed to him telling him that we appreciate the service he along with others had given. Kindly convey to his relatives my deepest condolences.


On behalf WICUA I say May his Soul Rest In Peace.



Cecil Fletcher.




Wednesday August 14, 2013

Passing of Bertie Jacelon

Hello Tony Lalacksingh,

I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Bertie Jacelon. He was one of the founding fathers of our Association. It was at our recent President's award ceremony that we presented his son with a plaque signifying his achievement. It is sad to know that he has passed so soon thereafter.

On behalf of the management, the council and the membership of WICUA, I would like to extend condolences to the family of the late Bertie and ask that God continues to look over you during this period of grief. Bertie served us well. He was a visionary and represented us as test umpire at the highest level. We owe the rewards we are reaping to the dedication, hard work, and unselfish devotion to duty and country to Bertie. We are extremely proud of his achievements and we hope that his memory will continue to live with us.

May his soul rest in peace, and God have mercy on him.


Vivian Johnson

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It is with tremendous sadness and immense pain that I inform you that the St. Kitts Cricket Umpires Association (SKCUA) is mourning the loss of our leading umpire, Mr Andrew E Weekes, the first (1st) and only test umpire to date, from St. Kitts and the Leeward Islands (LICUA).


Barbados - Long serving local UMPIRE - HENSLEY Robinson was honored in the 2012 Queen's Birthday Honors for PUBLIC SERVICES IN THE AREA OF THE ELECTORAL PROCESS.   Hensley resigned as the Honorary Secretary for the BCUA in December 2011, after more than 20 years on the Executive Management of the Association. We offer him our Congratulations for a  well deserved Honor.

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