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The news of the passing of Clyde shocked the WICUA community and indeed a large number of persons in diverse places. He served WICUA as an executive member with distinction for years.

He was a man of quiet disposition, humility of purpose, integrity and probity.

Elegant in stature he personified the term “ Consummate Ease”

He could be referred to as the gentle giant. He was excessively calm,  approachable and well mannered.

He was someone worthy of being emulated as a role model.

Overtime he has impacted the lives of scores of cricket umpires having spent years at the helm of the umpires’ examination processes.

In early 2017 he signaled his intention to retire from active service being the chairman of the training and examination committee. In July 2017 at the WICUA Convention held in Jamaica his resignation was accepted.  As a result of the quality service he had rendered to the Association he was immediately accorded the status of Honorary Life Member of WICUA.

His passing will create a void in the association.

On behalf of my family and WICUA I do extend condolences to the bereaved.

May his Soul Rest in Peace and Light perpetually shine on him.

Signed: Cecil Fletcher ….President WICUA



The West Indies Cricket Umpires’ Association is the regional organization that represents all the Umpires in the West Indies including the United States, Canada, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. This organization is an integral arm or an associate member of the West Indies Cricket Board ( Cricket West Indies), and plays a vital and pivotal role  in the administration of umpiring matters related to West Indies cricket.

Mr. Clyde Cumberbatch was a member of this organization for nearly fifty years. For the last fourteen years, he was a member of the executive and the Chairman of the Examination Department, a portfolio he held in high esteem as he knew the level of importance that umpires attach to passing the WICUA exams. This is the exam that will catapult them to officiate at the highest level of cricket in the world. Mr. Cumberbatch took his job extremely seriously. He was a totally devoted servant of the people of the region.

He dedicated his life and soul to ensure that the exams were properly prepared, administered and the integrity sealed so that the results were beyond questioned. Mr. Clyde Cumberbatch was a man of honour and an impeccable high integrity. During his time at the helm of administering the WICUA Exams, he was never once questioned by an umpire who did not successfully make it through the exams. It would seem unwise to do such a foolish thing as Mr. Cumberbatch epitomizes a man of the highest order of what characterizes high integrity.

I have had the honour of working closely with Mr. Cumberbatch throughout his time of Chairman, coordinating the exams. Over these many years, we encountered much difficulties and problems to get the exams done. Never once have I ever heard Mr. Cumberbatch complained about the task at hand. He would weather the storm in his usual calm and diligent manner until the job was done. This was the measure of the man.

Not only have I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Cumberbatch administratively, but I also had the pleasure of working with him as his standby umpire in regional first class matches. I must tell you that it was an honour working with this calm, stately, impressive figure of a man/umpire. Not only did he make an impact on me as a young umpire, but in those days when the visiting umpires came to your country, it was a member of the local umpiring team that was responsible for transporting him. I have had that job of transporting ‘Cumbie’ to and from those matches at Sabina Park. His conversations during those occasions were truly inspiring, encouraging and methodical. He was not only deep in his thinking as an umpire, but was conscious of national and regional issues. I remembered quite distinctly in one of our conversations, one morning when we encountered lots of traffic, he said, “ You know that in Trinidad, the Government is building lots of flyovers and highways to alleviate these kinds of traffic jams.” I said to him, “That is excellent for national development. “His witty response was, “ It is full time they spend the money developing the place, instead of putting it in their pockets.” The deep thinker he was.

We in the WICUA revere Mr. Cumberbatch. He was loved by all. Everyone had kind words for him. In my Secretary’s report to the WICUA 28th Biennial Convention held in Jamaica in July 2017, I saluted Mr. Cumberbatch as he was retiring as Chairman of the Training Committee. Let me quote from the report. “ Over the past two years , the Training & Exam Committee of WICUA has continued to do a sterling job in preparing, testing, and qualifying candidates as WICUA Umpires.. Mr. Cumberbatch has been Chairman of this committee since 2003 and has done a remarkable job in his distinct quiet manner without complaints. This year he has decided that the time has come to pass the mantle to a younger person. I must on behalf of WICUA extent heartiest thank you to Mr. Cumberbatch, a dedicated, devoted, diligent and delighted individual for a job well done. Mr. Cumberbatch you are truly a gentleman of the highest order. May you enjoy your retirement with the comfort it deserves.”At the end of the Convention, the WICUA accorded Mr. Cumberbatch its highest honour, by bestowing on him the honour of Honorary Life Member.

The WICUA is poorer today for his  passing and our meetings and conventions won’t be the same without his stately, calming demeanour. Sleep well my friend.

Vivian Johnson



January 5, 2018.


  Funeral Services for Clyde Elliot Cumberbatch

Dear all,

Mr. Cumberbatch funeral is at All Saints Church from 10.00 am on Friday, crematorium at 12.00

Funeral of Clyde Elliot Cumberbatch

Friday 5th January 2018 at 1000am at All Saints Anglican Church corner Marli St and Queens Park West opposite USA Embassy thence to Cremation at 1200 noon at Public Crematorium, Long Circular Road St James next to Long Circular Mall

No wreath by request, cards will be accepted, collection will be taken up during the service.

 Passing of Mr. Clyde Cumberbatch

It is with total shock and sadness that I am informing you of the death of our beloved colleague Umpire Clyde Cumberbatch. Mr. Cumberbatch died this morning after suffering injuries to his head in a fall at his home. Mr. Cumberbatch was a great man. He was great in his service to both Trinidad & Tobago and the West Indies. He commanded the total and ultimate respect of all he came in contact with. His quiet demeanor, his stately manner are some of his considerable good traits.  He was a former Test Umpire and Chairman of the WICUA Exam Committee for fourteen years where he made a telling contribution to the development of Cricket Umpires in the West Indies. He will be surely missed.

On behalf of my family, and the entire family of the West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association, I extend sympathies to his wife, daughter, other members of his family and  the T&TCUC on his passing. Cricket Umpiring will not be the same without Mr. Cumberbatch. May his soul rest in peace.

NB: I have been  informed by Mr. Cumberbatch's daughter that the funeral is planned for Friday January 5, 2018.


Vivian Johnson

 Passing of Umpire Lincoln Champagnie

 Hello Mr. Baksh,

It is with deep regret that I learnt of the death of Umpire Lincoln Champagnie. As is stated and well known, Mr. Champagnie was one of the founding members of the New York Cricket Umpires' Association and subsequently the USACUA. Mr. Champagnie devoted and dedicated himself to the building and development of umpires and umpiring in the USA for over two decades.The USACUA and the WICUA owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Champagnie for his foresight in charting this process of establishing an umpiring organization that is so fundamental to the game of cricket. 

We are saddened to know that Mr. Champagnie has passed on, but his name will be with us forever. On behalf of the Executive and the members of WICUA, I want to extend my deepest condolences to his family and to the family of the USACUA. We know that in the time of bereavement,there is a lot of emotions, but we are all praying that God will take good care of you all. May his soul rest in peace.


Vivian Johnson

Laws of Cricket 2017 Code (New)

Explanation of Changes to the 7th Edition



            WICUA Biennial Convention in Kingston, Jamaica July 1 to July 8, 2017


Hello Fellow Umpires,


It is Convention time again. We are in the year of the WICUA Biennial Convention to be held in Kingston, Jamaica from July 1 to July 8, 2017. Please find attached, information from Jamaica with regards to accommodation at the University Campus of the West Indies where the convention is scheduled to take place. There are other hotel accommodations in Kingston that are available for persons that want to go that route. Jamaica's organizing committee will provide the hotels' information in the near future. Please make your arrangements accordingly by communicating with Mr. Norman Malcolm, President of the Jamaica Cricket Umpires' Association to provide these details.


Secondly, please note that all reports and articles for the Convention Brochure are to be sent to the WICUA Secretary by email, by March 31, 2017.


Thirdly, "Nominations for election to the WICUA Executive shall be submitted in writing to the WICUA Secretary not later than three months before the date of the General Council Meeting, provided that the nominees indicate to the Honorary Secretary their willingness to undertake the office." This means that nominations must be submitted to the Secretary by March 31 2017.


I look forward to your cooperation as usual and please make your plans for Convention 2017.


NB: Please ensure that all your members are provided with this information.




Vivian Johnson








As a people we are indeed living in a changing world. Some persons are afraid of changes and for diverse reasons. From the outset changes are affected for better and not for worse, however sometimes the dreams and the aspirations are not achieved, this brings to fore such words as failure, disappointment and grief.  Conversely more often than not you hear of joy, success, progress and just reward.

As umpires there has been significant changes in the umpiring landscape, the numbers required for some category of matches have been severely tailored to the point that some umpires felt not motivated, whilst some have experienced financial and status driven reward and are extremely happy.

The truth has always been that changes are intended for good. Umpires need to look at the bright side and remain focused. At all stages not every umpire would have made it to the Elite or ICC Panel or the WICB Regional Panel. This should not in any way be a hindrance, instead an umpire should work hard to reach the top with determination.

Cricket umpiring should not be seen as offering a service for free, it is a business and it has pay days.  This therefore should provide the drive, the impetus thus acting as a stimulus for one’s motivation. Notwithstanding however WICUA has a duty to be, if not ahead of the game, at least should be close to it. WICUA ought to provide the leadership necessary to keep hopes and aspirations alive.  There are ways that WICUA can forge, which may assist in enhancing the quality of umpiring life.  One such way is to organize and work with territories in trying to establish an Umpires Exchange Programme within WICUA.  This is actively under consideration for the future.

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