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Fellow Umpires,

Please be advised that the date for the Final Written Exam will be on Sunday August 28th 2016.

Also as a reminder the date for the Oral Exam remains Sunday November 27th 2016.

Please be guided accordingly and as is customary, follow the guidelines of the exam process.


Vivian Johnson







It is indeed with sadness to hear of the passing of our beloved umpire colleague Gyanandad Sukdeo. It brings more grief when the person is so young. It is an extremely difficult time for his family and his umpiring family. On behalf of all the umpires in the West Indies and North America, please extend condolences to his immediate family and let them know that our prayers are with them throughout this difficult period. 


May his soul rest in peace.







Dear Ms. Williams,


Heartiest congratulations on your appointment by the ICC to its Third Tier Associate and Affiliates Panel. This is a continuation on the journey you have started, which by this measure, is certainly looking rosy for the future. Your commitment to cricket umpiring and your steadfastness in performing your duties are testimonies to this level of achievement.


We at the WICUA are extremely proud of your achievement and will continue to provide the necessary guidance, training and advice necessary for further success. Please continue to hold your head high as you have a great responsibility as a trendsetter for all the peoples of the Caribbean, especially the women.


The West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association salutes you on this outstanding achievement and wish for you all the best in your future endeavors.




Vivian Johnson









Dominica Cricket Umpires Association

Dear Mr. Johnson,


Special greetings go out to you and the rest of WICUA executive coming from the Dominica Cricket Umpires Association.

I'm very delighted to report you on the most recent developments in our association.

We are making strides since passage of Tropical Storm Erika which gave our country a serious beating.

We stand resolute in our pursuit to build the Nature Isle of the Caribbean Dominica.

Following the passage of Erika the Senior Panel of Umpires embarked on a special initiative for Dominica.

Each Umpire pledge to give back one day of match their match fee to a relief effort in Dominica.

Our association decided to assist our own Umpires who were victims of Erika.

The presentation  was done on Friday 19th February 2016 .

We have since set up our association email which you'll be receiving all emails from.


We recently held our 46 AGM which a new executive was elected.

I full report will be send to you, however the new executive comprise of the following persons .

President:  Mr. Heston Charles

Vice President Mr. Michael Royer

Treasurer:  Mr. Andy Williams

Secretary: Joseph Thomas

Committee Members  Mr. Billy Doctrove & Mr. Lenny Dangleben  

Please refer to attached info on presentation.



Heston Charles



2015 Oral & Practical Examination Results


From: Mr. Clyde Cumberbatch
Chairman, Training & Examination Committee

Subject: 2015 Oral & Practical Examination Results

For your information the 2015 Oral & Practical Examination held on November 29th 2015 at the various Countries. This year, forty three (43) candidates took the examination and 98% of the candidates were successful. These results are encouraging and illustrates that the profession is attracting persons who understand the spirit of the game cricket. As professionals we must stand for fairness, respect and integrity. 
Congratulations to all successful candidates. To those who were unsuccessful you must review the laws of the game and ask your trainers for further guidance and clarity on the laws. This year’s highest mark of 97% was attained by RAJESH BABUJALLI of the United States of America closely followed in second place was MAURICE GREEN from Jamaica with 95.6%. 
You must keep revising the laws and performing your best on the field of play.
To the Training Committee members, WICUA Secretary and Assistant Secretary who participated in this exercise let me say thank you. It was another delighted year and I do look forward to the continued support from all members. 

Clyde Cumberbatch
Chairman, Training & Examination Committee



Dear Ms. Williams,


The WICUA wishes to congratulate you on your appointment to officiate in the ICC qualifying tournament in Asia. We are extremely proud of this achievement and as I expressed in my convention report, you are the pace setter in this regard, and you will be the determining standard bearer for all other female umpires in the Caribbean. It is therefore incumbent on you to do everything within your powers to make a good first and lasting impression. Your performance will determine whether more Caribbean/ West Indian female umpires move to this level. We have no doubt that you will be successful in both your on and off the field experience and make us proud.


We at WICUA have both the confidence and faith in you that you will make the leap to the next level, which is the ICC women's world cup in 2017. All the best and ensure that our flag keeps flying high.




Vivian Johnson






Jamaica Cricket Umpires’ Association


Media/Press Advisory


November 22, 2015


Local Umpire Appointed to ICC World Cup Qualifiers


The Jamaica Cricket Umpires’ Association (JCUA) is pleased to announce the appointment of local Umpire Jacquline Williams to officiate in the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup qualifiers which will take place from November 28 to December 6, 2015 in Thailand. She will depart the island on Monday November 23. The ICC qualifiers will feature eight teams which will see the top two teams advancing to the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in 2016, to be staged in India.


Umpire Williams is a member of the WICB Emerging Panel of umpires and will next month create history when she becomes the first female umpire to do on-field duties in a regional first class match in the West Indies. She is scheduled to stand in the WICB Professional Cricket League match between Jamaica Scorpions and Guyana Jaguars at Sabina Park between December 11 and 14. Williams will do duties with Peter Nero of Trinidad and Tobago.


The JCUA sees this achievement by Umpire Williams as the result of her hard work, coupled with the support in training and development seminars on the part of the JCUA and the WICB. We wish Umpire Williams every success in this tournament and look forward to her continued progress.



Public Relations Contact: Athol Hamilton

Email: atholhamilton@live.com

Tel: 876-351-2081


President's Quarterly Report August-October 2015


Hello Colleagues,

Please be advised that the WICUA Oral Exam 2015 will be held on Sunday November 29th 2015. The exam will be held throughout the Caribbean and North America as is customary.We will advise of the External examiners shortly. Please submit all the practical marks for the candidates to Mr. Cumberbatch as soon as possible if not yet already done. The practical marks must be in before the Oral exam is done.

Please be guided accordingly and act quickly..




 Hello Billy,


Kindly accept our sympathies for you and the people of Dominica on the terrible loss of lives and the destruction of property that occurred during the recent passing of Hurricane Erica. We are happy to know that you and your family are safe and would like you to let us know if any of our umpires were seriously affected.


The WICUA wants you to know that we are here to offer our support in this time of crisis. You are forever in our prayers and we hope that the people will be able to build back their lives in short order. On behalf of the entire WICUA fraternity, we wish the people of Dominica a full recovery and offer our condolences to those families who lost loved ones.


Vivian Johnson

Hon. Secretary



Dear Billy,

Please accept sympathies for yourself and others from Dominica who experienced any sort of loss resulting from hurricane Erica. We the members of USACUA are with you during this tragic and challenging time. Our prayers are with you and your fellow country men. We wish you and the people of Dominica a speedy recovery. 

Again best wishes and prayers for you and your family, Umpires and people of Dominica during this challenging time.

With Regards

Mohamed S Baksh

Secretary, USACUA



As a people we are indeed living in a changing world. Some persons are afraid of changes and for diverse reasons. From the outset changes are affected for better and not for worse, however sometimes the dreams and the aspirations are not achieved, this brings to fore such words as failure, disappointment and grief.  Conversely more often than not you hear of joy, success, progress and just reward.

As umpires there has been significant changes in the umpiring landscape, the numbers required for some category of matches have been severely tailored to the point that some umpires felt not motivated, whilst some have experienced financial and status driven reward and are extremely happy.

The truth has always been that changes are intended for good. Umpires need to look at the bright side and remain focused. At all stages not every umpire would have made it to the Elite or ICC Panel or the WICB Regional Panel. This should not in any way be a hindrance, instead an umpire should work hard to reach the top with determination.

Cricket umpiring should not be seen as offering a service for free, it is a business and it has pay days.  This therefore should provide the drive, the impetus thus acting as a stimulus for one’s motivation. Notwithstanding however WICUA has a duty to be, if not ahead of the game, at least should be close to it. WICUA ought to provide the leadership necessary to keep hopes and aspirations alive.  There are ways that WICUA can forge, which may assist in enhancing the quality of umpiring life.  One such way is to organize and work with territories in trying to establish an Umpires Exchange Programme within WICUA.  This is actively under consideration for the future.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.


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